Water Jet Cutting

We can use our water jet cutter to profile varying materials up to 300mm thick - this includes:

• Mild and stainless steel
• All types of exotic materials
• Stone
• Glass
• Plastics
• Wood
• Composites

and almost anything else you can think of - please just ask!

This method of cutting produces a very well finished cut face that in many cases that is the finished edge. This saves our customer the cost of a secondary operation to produce the finished face. It also provides a very accurate cut giving us a tolerance of ±0.003" for almost any shape that you require.

Water jet cutting is particularly good for
• One off prototypes
• Signage
• Architectural designs
• Profiling
• Detailing

It is also process that doesn’t generate any heat so there is no chance of heat distortion, thermal degradation or even mechanical stresses around the cut - another important aspect for our customers to consider.

We are able to undertake offline programming of your parts which allows different kinds of modelling to ensure we can predict the water jets performance under all sorts of different conditions.


Its an ideal process where a quick turnaround is required - just call us on 0141 883 2220 or email sales@abtengineering.com if you want to find out what we can do for you.

The machine has a very accurate jet stream giving us a tolerance of ±0.003" which means we can cut almost any shape that you require. That incudes, signage, architectural designs, parts for processing machines - even one off designs, or protypes that you are working on.

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