About Us

Brothers, Ian and Jim Ross have carefully guided ABT to a prominent position in industry over the best part of three decades.

With a reputation for manufacture and design excellence, their willingness to diversify, their risk assessment procedures and compliance underpin the ABT approach at all times.

Quality, reliability, flexibility and diversity support the excellent services offered to clients over a wide range of industry sectors.

ABT’s carefully-developed relationships with private and public body clients are based on a high-calibre but straightforward, cost- effective approach to contracts of any size and timescale, from design and fabrication to repairs and maintenance.

ABT personnel are highly qualified and extremely well-trained.

The hugely experienced company – it has worked with some loyal clients for 25 years and is a preferred contractor for many – is determined to continue to uphold its undoubted standards while seeking further improvements where these are identified.

Who To Contact

If you need general advice or have specific, more detailed inquiries, please get in touch.
We have the people to help.