Laser Cutting

We can use Laser cutting to produce parts and shapes that traditional types of machining can’t achieve.

Laser cutting also has the benefit of a high quality finished cut edge, which often requires little or no post cutting finishing work.

We can cut various types of materials including:

  • Steels
  • Alloys
  • Woods

Which can all be cut by laser even if your requirements are for something very intricate and complex.

Laser cutting is also great for marking or engraving your logo or other information straight onto your parts, for example batch numbers or traceability information. This can also be done in-cycle without the need for a separate marking operation.

We can undertake offline programming of your parts which allows different kinds of modelling to ensure the finished item will look as you intended it to look.

Also remember that if you think you want/need your parts to be laser cut or laser marked, we can do similar things with our Water Jet cutting -  and it can even have a better finish than Laser Cutting!

It’s an ideal process where a quick turnaround is required - just call us on 0141 883 2220 or email if you want to find out what we can do for you.

Who To Contact

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